What does the price include?

Great question! The fee includes a private three hour lesson for the couple taught by jeweller Caity. All your class materials and tools will also be included as well as finished sterling silver rings which will be delivered to your door. Definitely some snacks and bevvies too!


What metal options are there?

Your rings will be cast into silver as a part of the class price, sterling silver is an excellent material for a wedding ring as it ages beautifully and is very durable. Other metals available are white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. I’m more than happy to provide additional quotes for any metals for you based on the weight of your finished wax pieces. 


What if I have a specific design in mind?

Awesome! If you have some reference images or have an idea of what you’re after feel free to email them through beforehand to  So we can have a chat about the design so everyone is stoked with the finished ring. If you don’t have any ideas yet that’s perfectly fine, we’ll get you sorted during the lesson! 


Where is the class held?

The Happy Endings Studio is located in lovely Footscray, only 250m walk from Footscray train station. Various free and paid parking options available nearby. Unfortunately my workshop is not wheelchair accessible but I’m happy to make arrangements for another space. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this or have specific requirements.


Can I buy a Happy Ending class for others? 

You sure can, and they will love you for it. Gift a class here.


What is the Lost Wax Carving technique?

Wax carving is an ancient technique used to create jewellery that is at least 6000 years old (how cool is that!?) Your ring will be carved out of wax by you and cast into metal. The casting process involves creating a mould of your ring, melting the wax out and filling it with liquid, hot metal.


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