'This was such a fun and special thing for us to do. Having the opportunity to make our own rings was so amazing, instead of trying to convey what we wanted to someone else, we were able to create it from scratch ourselves and to have a special space and moment to do that together was part of the unique experience.

Caity made it easy, supplying all of the tools and her expertise to make us feel relaxed and confident. Would recommend to anyone.'

Emma M

A very unique and fun experience! My partner and I made each other our engagement rings. Caity was a great teacher. Would definitely recommend this class :)


What a fantastic workshop. Instructor was brilliant so helpful without being over the top. So willing to share her knowledge and experience. Would highly recommend.


Awesome hands on experience, great instructor. Really cute date night idea. I cant wait to see the final product. Highly recommended.


So how does it work?